Letter to the friends of the monastery Mar Musa, June 1999.

This year’s letter is composed of two sections:

- The first section is about the news of the community and its projects.



Letter to the Friends of the Monastery of Saint Moses, 1998.

Letter to the Friends of the Monastery of Saint Moses, 1998 

We have some good news that we would like to share with you.

In April 1997 Father Paulo was received back into the Society of Jesus. The community of the monastery has been through a period of uncertainty but this has also been a time of openness to the Lord, through dialogue with the Bishop and the Society of Jesus. For some months Paolo has divided his time between the community of the monastery, some Maronite parishes and constructing a house for spiritual exercises as the assistant to an elderly Jesuit. Finally in October he returned to Deir Mar Musa full-time. He is now working to the foundation of the monastery, for which he received a mission by the Society of Jesus, as requested by the local Bishop. This was good news for everybody. It was a strong experience of discernment in the Church and was a great consolation for many Friends of Mar Musa, Paolo and the Jesuits. It also was a cause of edification for the faithful, who always find it difficult to accept the tensions between personal calls and institutions. So give thanks to the Lord!



Letter to the Friends of the Monastery of Saint Moses, 1996 / 97

February 1997

DMM AngelI wished you had received this “Letter to all friends of the Monastery of Mar Musa” before Christmas, but you will read it for Lent, as I hope.

I heartily thank, personally and on behalf of the community, all those who sent us greetings and wishes letters. Evening prayer is the privileged place in which we can meet all of you in spirit of solidarity. We feel tied up one another, so that we can deeply touch your sharing to our community enterprise.




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