Welcome on the new website

Dear friends

This is the start of the new Website of Deir Mar Musa, it will be -hopefully- much more dynamic than the old one. But this did not depend on the website but on me, Brother Jens.

We, the community al-Khalil, will try to collaborate more to keep this site up to date and we will try as much as possible to involve also you for discussions and translations.

There are still many informations to put on this site I hope that it will continuously grow over the next weeks.

Let me tell you here about one important featuer: It is possible to register yourself  onsite for making comments and in a later stage you will receive our news automatically. It is also possible to subscribe to the subjects of interest and you will get updated as soon there are. (I have still to get the system to do the minimum possible of messages for not jamming your inboxes, at the moment it indicates every little change, sorry for that from now).

It will be also possible to cancel yourself out of our list directly. I apologize to all who received until today our messages and didn't want them. In fact we have not been able to synchronize our lists in a efficient way. Will it work now???

Please enjoy

We send you our best wishes and we remember you in prayer.

Brother Jens

Community al-Khalil at Deir Mar Musa